Crossref updates DOI display guidelines

CrossRef, the organization that administers the DOI system for linking to academic articles, has updated their display guidelines.

Before today, one was supposed to display DOIs as follows: doi:10.3765/sp.4, which is not immediately recognizable as a linkable URL. Usually, one would then associate a link to with that display text to make it clickable (on a webpage or in a pdf).

Now, the display text itself is supposed to be the immediately recognizable URL

This will necessitate updating all kinds of stylesheets, such as the sp.bst BibTeX style that we developed for S&P (and which implements almost the entire Unified Stylesheet for Linguistics Journals). Expect an update to sp.bst soon. Going forward, all S&P articles will comply with the new guidelines. We will also update the S&P website to display all DOIs in the new format.

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