Associate Editors

[Update: added Hotze Rullmann to the roster!]

The journal has been very busy this past year, with lots of submission to shepherd through our rigorous and speedy process. To make the workload manageable, we have expanded the Editorial Team beyond the two founding co-editors (David Beaver and Kai von Fintel), we now have five six associate editors:

Josh, Rick, and Magda have been with us for quite a while. Regine, Hotze, and Katrin joined us very recently and we are hoping to add a few more associate editors in the near to medium term future. Associate editors will shepherd 4—6 articles through the peer review process each year. So, if you submit a paper to S&P (which you should!), you may deal with one of these people.

Thank you to our associate editors for taking on this important job and helping make S&P into one of the top journals in our field.

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I'm a professor of linguistics at MIT. I work on meaning. I am also Associate Dean of MIT's School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. I have a wife, two kids, two cats, and a dog. I live in an intentional community (Mosaic Commons Cohousing) in Berlin, Massachusetts. I am a runner. I like soccer, a lot. I was born on a cold winter’s night in a small village on the Lüneburg Heath in Northern Germany.

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