S&P Stats Update (mid-year)

Since Semantics and Pragmatics opened the doors on November 28, 2007, we have had 57 submissions of regular articles and 6 submitted commentaries. We have published 11 articles (and 5 commentaries), are waiting for a revised version of 1 article, have one commentary in production, have 7 articles currently under review, and rejected 38 submissions.

Our acceptance rate (12/49) is 24%.

9 submissions were declined without external review. That decision was made in an average of 6 days.

For the 41 submissions that we sent out for external review and that we have made a first decision on, the average time to the first decision was 56 days and the median time was 52 days (there were a few submissions that took us far too long, which is skewing the average a bit). Our target is a maximum of 60 days (4 weeks for review and 4-5 weeks for editorial work), so we’re doing fine.

This year, S&P has published 419 pages (7 main articles, 3 commentaries), and more to come; clearly, quantity-wise we are now publishing in the same ballpark as the old journals, and quality-wise, we believe we hold more than our own. As far as service to our authors is concerned (speed and quality of editorial review), we believe we are lightyears ahead. Here are two recent quotes from authors (one from a rejected paper, one from a published paper):

“[We] are very grateful for the detailed feedback. Please convey our thanks to the reviewers for their useful work.”

“You guys are ruining us for dealing with other semantics journals, with turnarounds measured in weeks instead of years, high-quality refereeing, sensible editorial judgments, and open access.”

Thanks for all your support.

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About Kai von Fintel

I'm a professor of linguistics at MIT. I work on meaning. I am also Associate Dean of MIT's School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. I have a wife, two kids, two cats, and a dog. I live in an intentional community (Mosaic Commons Cohousing) in Berlin, Massachusetts. I am a runner. I like soccer, a lot. I was born on a cold winter’s night in a small village on the Lüneburg Heath in Northern Germany.

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